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Going Green

The environmentally related benefits of the HP Designjet L25500 Printer series with water-based HP Latex Inks include an improved printing environment, odorless prints1, and a range of recyclable media2 that can even be sent back to HP for recycling - at our expense.

HP DesignJet L25500

Eye-catching and durable prints3

The HP L25500 Designjet Printer series with HP Latex Inks can produce signs and graphics on a wide range of flexible media for a diverse range of outdoor and indoor applications. The outstanding image quality of up to 1200 dpi and wide color gamut help to create eye-catching graphics with rich hues and vibrant tones. The prints also have a durability and display permanence of up to 3 years outdoors without lamination - comparable to eco-solvent inks3.

Designed with the environment in mind

Designed under the HP Eco Solutions program, the HP Designjet L25500 Printer series has benefited from our global network of environmental product stewards working with design and development teams to incorporate environmental innovations.

Chief amongst these is revolutionary HP Latex Ink

As a result of these efforts, the HP Designjet L25500 Printer series can help lower the impact of printing on the environment and it offers a distinctive range of environmentally related benefits to both sign and graphics print service providers (PSPs) and their print buying customers.


An improved printing environment

Water-based HP Latex Inks need no special ventilation4. They also require no hazard warning labels and are nonflammable and non-combustible5, all of which may help to reduce storage, handling, and waste disposal challenges. Furthermore, the inks contain no Hazardous Air Pollutants (HAPs)6. All of this can help to create a better working environment for printing operations employees.

Odorless prints1

Graphics printed with HP Latex Inks are odorless1. At least they have no odor beyond whatever faint smell is inherent to the substrate. This can give PSPs a competitive edge for graphics that will be used in food stores, restaurants, fitness centers, medical facilities, or anywhere else where print odors might be a concern.

Energy efficient

Energy Star

Printers in the HP Designjet L25500 Printer series are ENERGY STAR® qualified, which means that they meet strict energy efficiency guidelines without sacrificing performance - or your productivity. They also do not require external dryers for productive operation. These factors help to keep overall energy costs down.

Recyclable consumables and hardware

Original HP 789 Ink Cartridges and Printheads can be returned through the HP Planet Partners program, a free and convenient return and recycling program7. Even the printer itself is 85% recyclable by weight.

Recyclable media and take-back program2

HP has launched a range of media to complement the HP Designjet L25500 Printer series, seven of which are recyclable2. These include:

HP Photo-realistic Poster Paper
HP White Satin Poster Paper
Recyclable through commonly available recycling programs
HP HDPE Reinforced Banner
HP DuPontTM Tyvek® Banner
HP Heavy Textile Banner
HP Wrinkle-free Flag with liner
HP Light Textile Displays Banner
Can be returned for free and convenient recycling via the HP Large-format Media take-back program2

In many places recycling schemes for HDPE- and PET-based media are not yet readily available. Consequently HP has introduced the HP Large-format Media take-back program2 for the benefit of organizations using the five HP recyclable media included in the program.

Please visit for program availability and details on how to participate.

Recognition for HP Latex Inks

HP Latex Inks comply with Nordic Swan criteria, version 4.2.

Part of the HP commitment to environmental leadership

The HP Designjet L25500 Printer series is part of the HP commitment to help our PSP customers reduce the environmental impact of their printing, while improving their profitability. We believe that, if the HP Designjet L25500 Printer series is used in the context of a proper strategy for sustainability, it may help PSPs grow their revenues, lower their environmentally related costs, and improve the printing environment for their employees.

  1. Some substrates may have inherent odor.
  2. HP offers the HP Large-format Media take-back program in the U.S. and Europe, through which most HP recyclable signage media can be returned, availability varies. Some recyclable papers can be recycled through commonly available recycling programs. For details visit Aside from this program, recycling opportunities for these products are currently only available in limited areas. Customers should consult local recycling resources for recycling these products.
  3. HP image permanence and scratch, smudge, and water resistance estimates by HP Image Permanence Lab. Outdoor display permanence tested according to SAE J2527 using HP Latex and eco-solvent ink on a range of media, including HP media; in a vertical display orientation in simulated nominal outdoor display conditions for select high and low climates, including exposure to direct sunlight and water; performance may vary as environmental conditions change. Scratch, smudge, and water resistance tested using HP Latex and eco-solvent inks on a wide range of media, including HP media; water resistance is comparable when printed on water-resistant substrates. Laminated display permanence using GBC clear gloss 1.7 mil hot laminate. Results may vary based on specific media performance and scratch testing methodology. For more information, see
  4. Special ventilation is not required to meet US OSHA requirements on occupational exposure to VOCs from HP Latex Inks. Special ventilation equipment installation is at the discretion of the customer - no specific HP recommendation is intended. Customers should consult state and local requirements and regulations.
  5. HP water-based Latex Inks are not classified as flammable or combustible liquids under the USDOT or international transportation regulations. These materials have been tested per the Pensky-Martins Closed Cup method and the flash point is greater than 110 deg C.
  6. The inks were tested for Hazardous Air Pollutants per U.S. Environmental Protection Agency Method 311 (testing conducted in 2008) and none were detected. HAPs are air pollutants which are not covered by ambient air quality standards but which, as defined in the Clean Air Act, may present a threat of adverse human health effects or adverse environmental effects.
  7. In the circa 45 countries and territories in which the HP Planet Partners program operates for printing supplies. Program features and availability varies. Where this program is not available, and for other consumables not included in the program, consult the Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) available at to determine appropriate disposal.

Source: Hp DesignJet L25500